hey vollies!

yay for finally having volunteers! We’re so excited to have all TWELVE of you!! We can’t wait to meet you guys at Pre-Break and update you on everything but we thought we’d tell you a little more about our sites-

Philabundance- as we mentioned before, it’s a HUGE food bank in South Philly.

We’ll be working at the Hunger Relief Center. “All of Philabundance’s sorting and packing takes place at our Hunger Relief Center in South Philadelphia. Hundreds of volunteers are needed each week to sort and pack supplemental and emergency food items. ” Sooo basically we’re just going to be doing what they tell us to do and it seems like it’ll be a fun job and a good way for us to get to know each other during it too!

Bethesda Project- homeless shelter

We’ll be working at the Brothers’ Place Men’s Shelter. We’ll be assisting staff with cleaning, painting, clothing room or meal preparation and serving. We’ll also prepare, deliver and serve a weekend breakfast, lunch or dinner for 250 guests.

That’s all for now.

Here’s a vid-

I (chrissy) have to admit, J.Biebz is growing on me…

SEE YOU SO SOON!!!! 🙂 ❤ Rachel and Chrissy


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Back with more Philly Love…

We’re baaaaack!! It’s ASB crunch time and your fave Co’s are back in action.

Here’s a few updates on our trip-

WE HAVE HOUSING!!!!! So we didn’t really want to tell anyone that we didn’t have housing yet because that’s no fun but we found an awesome church we’re going to stay at. It’s called the Arch Street Methodist Church and it basically has the best location we could ask for! It’s right near the Philadelphia City Hall, the Italian Market, Chinatown and tons of other restaurants (Maggiano’s included !!) and parks. Plus- there’s a SHOWER (which a lot of trips don’t have) and a fridge and microwave.

Here’s our Christmas/Disney World related you-tube video to celebrate our housing!

Oh and- we just googled Dunkin’ Donuts near it for fun and there’s 9 within .3 miles 🙂 NBD. Try telling us that this isn’t going to be the trip with the best food.

Here’s the link to their website-


In other news- we’re starting our research on places to eat and things to do! Aka lots of cheesesteaks and tourist-y attractions. More updates to come with that…

wait how funny is this?

If you want to learn more about why you HAVE to come to Philly-

COME TO THE ASB INFO FAIR TONIGHT!!! 7-9 in the GSU Backcourt.

and then REGISTRATION!! this Sunday at 8 am sharp!


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Trip Info!

I guess we should probably give you some real information about our AWESOME trip considering we didn’t do that in our last post… oops! But we hope you enjoyed the videos 🙂

Current weather- a little warmer than here! but still cold.
Weather during Spring Break- average high of 51 and average low of 35

More about our issue areas!



Facts about the nationwide HUNGER problem…

An estimated 49 million Americans are food insecure. Of those 49 million, almost 17 million are children and 5million are seniors. Last year, over 37 million people used a Food Bank for emergency food assistance.

Hunger in Philadelphia…

1 in 4 people is at risk for hunger in Philadelphia.

27% of Philadelphia residents now receive food stamps.

More than 29 percent of residents in Philadelphia’s 1st Congressional District live in poverty. Overall census data found Philadelphia to be the poorest among the country’s 10 largest cities, and the 1st District one of the hungriest, second only to the Bronx, N.Y.

Facts about the nationwide HOMELESSNESS problem…

Existing data estimate the homeless population in the United States as ranging from 600,000 to 2.5 million.

In Philadelphia…

It is estimated that there are approximately 4,000 persons who are homeless on any given day in Philadelphia.

Children in families constitute approximately a third of the shelter population on any given night. Persons under the age of 18 are the most common shelter users.


To learn more about what we’ll be doing check out the links to our 2 sites-


Bethesda Project (Homeless shelter)- http://www.bethesdaproject.org

Philabundance (Food bank)- http://www.philabundance.org


If you have any questions definitely let us know! We’d love to hear from, well, anyone really…. 😦 just kidding. but really, TALK TO US!!!!

To check out other cool trips (but that aren’t remotely as great as ours) go to the homepage at- http://www.buasb.wordpress.com



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Hey future vollies!

We realized we forgot to put our e-mail on here so that’s obvs why we’re not getting thousands of e-mails about prospective Philly-goers…


and now for some updates about us!

We’ve been working hard on planning the week including chatting with the site contacts who are AMAZING and can’t wait for us to come. We’ve also been planning fun things to do in our free time in the city but more about that later…

and now for some YOU-TUBE VIDEOS! (duh) we love you-tube in case you forgot…


this is only the cutest thing ever

we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn’t have this happen to you


so not only are we only obsessed with ASB (and babies)… but we ❤ CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

some of our favorite scenes from classic christmas movies 🙂

if you haven’t seen this movie, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW


so the moral of the story here is that the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear! So tell alllllll your friends about ASB and e-mail us if you’re interested in going on the best ASB trip of them all. Also come visit us in our office hours because we’re lonely and it will make us feel super special. (Fridays at 9 🙂



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Hey! So we’ve never blogged before so this shall be interesting… We’re Rachel and Chrissy and we’re the coordinators of the best trip in the entire ASB universe- PHILADELPHIA!! Not only will we be shoving our faces with the best cheesesteaks in the world but we’ll be helping out the city of Brotherly Love and having the time of our lives.

On our trip, we’ll be volunteering at two awesome places-

Philabundance– (a giant food pantry) and the Bethesda Project– (a homeless shelter)

check out their websites- http://www.philabundance.org and http://www.bethesdaproject.org


Since we’re going to a big city (not the middle of nowhere USA like most groups hehe) we’ll be taking a bus to get there! We can reinact this video on the bus- 

so who are these philly-loving youtube-enthusiasts…?

Chrissy Taubert- Sophomore in Sargent studying Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. Things I love: Ice cream, babies, flowery things, dancing around like a lunatic and PHILLY!

Rachel Szostak- Senior in SMG studying accounting. Things I Love: puppies, babies, food, disney world and PHILLY!

We hope you keep following our blog and keep reading why Philly is BY FAR the best trip ever. (because we’ll be eating cheesesteaks wiz wit or wiz witout)

we’ll also be singing this the entire week…

Please come visit us during our office hours! Fridays 9-10 in the CSC!! Come hang out with us.


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